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How translation works

How does iEate translate?

Which languages does iEate support?

Why is the translation fee so low?

How to apply for translation after uploading the menu?

Will you translate both dish name and dish introduction?

How long does it take to translate?

If we have better translation than iEate's, how can we improve it?

How to withdraw a translation application?

What are source languages?

What are target languages?

What's working language?

What are customer languages?

Service fees & payment

What's the iEate service fee?

We have several branches sharing the same menu, how much is the translation fee for this case?

How do guests pay the restaurant?

Your account

How to update my password?

How to update my email address?

How to update restaurant address, payment, service hours, contact, logo and ambience photos?

How to update restaurant name?

My restaurant was closed, how can I remove the expired restaurant?

Guides to iEate

How does iEate work?

How does iEate decide rankings on "Nearby" of iEate?

How do I become an iEate Restaurant Partner?

How does the partnership work?

Why should I work with iEate?

How long does it take to get a restaurant set up on iEate?

How are digital technologies helping restaurants?

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