Who are we?

At iEate, we offer a simple way to discover food, to understand food and to enjoy food wherever you travel. The iEate community is powered by restaurants, which provide their foreign guests with the unique opportunity to eat like a local.

During a trip abroad, you can get all information such as what dishes within the menu, latest promotions, restaurant details (address, ratings, operation time) in your language.

Our mission

Let people order dishes in their languages worldwide. No matter where you come from, no matter what language you speak, no matter where you go, you will be able to order food in your language and enjoy yummy in the easiest way.

Dear Restaurateurs, Welcome to join iEate!!! Let's work together to make it happen!!!

Why join iEate?

To sum up, higher restaurant efficiency and better customer experience make your restaurant earn more money on iEate.

• More accurate orders with easier communication

With dish name, intro and promotion in guest's language and with the food pictures, guests know what they ordered completely

• Faster table turn

If guests can read the menu in their languages, it takes less time for them to order food.

• More productivity from less staff

When guests enter a restaurant, they don't need to wait for a waiter to provide a paper menu especially at busy times. They can serve themselves.

• Reach more customers

Foreign customers can discover your restaurant, see promotions and read menus before getting your restaurant in the iEate app.

• Know your customers better

Find out what dishes they like, incentivize them with loyalty programs, track sales in real time, and much more.

• More efficient eMenu management

When you make any changes of your menu, promotions, etc. on iEate, the eMenu will be synced immediately. Moreover, the auto-language switching function enables one eMenu to serve all.

• Greener & cheaper eMenu

Just clicking and updating online, printed menus are no longer needed. It means you save trees, chemicals and money.

How to make it happen

• High-quality translation

We have close cooperation with Shanghai International Studies University and East China Normal University, which are two top language universities in China. Each of our professional translators owns at least a language degree and the living experience in both countries.

Learn what languages we supported at present

The whole menu translation consists of 3 steps:

① Translation by professionals

With the help of food pictures, both dish names and introductions like ingredients and cooking methods are translated to target language.

② 2-step accuracy verification by "Alternative language-Target language"

For example, the selected target language is Chinese. Your menu supports both Thai and English, a double checking by English-Chinese and Thai-Chinese will be made.

③ Easy-to-understand checking

Native speakers of the target language are invited to check the rationality and authenticity of the translation.

• Easy-to-use digital solution

Towards restaurant of the future, application of digital technologies is a must. Digital technologies can give your customers much better user experience and make restaurants run more efficiently.

Our one-stop solution builds up a community between foodies and restaurants. You're in full control of your menus, prices, promotions, customer data, etc. by using the restaurant dashboard of iEate. Foreign customers from different countries can find your restaurant and serve themselves by smart phone.

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