Help foreigners understand menus better.
You upload menus.
We translate them.

Help customers
understand your food


With iEate, foreign customers can find you, understand your food, and serve themselves. We've seen restaurants on iEate attract more foreign customers and increase operation efficiency.

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All translations are done by professionals with a language degree & living experience in both countries. Together with the accuracy verification and the "Easy-to-understand" checking ensure the translation accuracy.

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Easy-to-use digital

iEate resolves restaurants' digital problems with multi-language support, menu online, self-ordering, and data tracking. You're in full control of your food, prices, promotions and customer data on iEate.

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How it works:


Upload your menus

Create your restaurant page with correct information and upload your food & beverage menus together with the food pictures.


Apply for translation

Choose the languages you want your menus to be translated to and submit the application.


Serve your foreign

Print and use the QR Code in your restaurant. Foreign customers will scan it to serve themselves, who can also reach your restaurant online.

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This is very useful for our Chinese customers. It makes easier for Chinese tourists to order food than before.

Queen of Curry Restaurant in Bangkok

What our guest say

Jessie's iEate experience @ Surf Kitchen
in Pattaya, Thailand in Dec. 2018

About iEate

At iEate, we offer a simple way to discover food, to understand food and to enjoy food wherever you travel. The iEate community is powered by restaurants, which provide their foreign guests with the unique opportunity to eat like a local.
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Frequently asked questions

Upload menu

Order dishes in your language

Which restaurants can be iEate partners?

Restaurants must meet all of the following criteria:
• Must be open to the public
• Must be open on a regularly scheduled basis
• Must be open for at least 12 consecutive weeks of the year
• Must be stationary and have a permanent address

Why should I work with iEate?

To sum up, higher restaurant efficiency and better customer experience make your restaurant earn more money on iEate.
• More accurate orders with easier communication
• Faster table turn
• More productivity from less staff
• Reach more customers
• Know your customers better
• More efficient eMenu management
• Greener & cheaper eMenu

What's the iEate service fee?

To help operate the iEate platform, we charge a service fee to restaurants when a translation is made, or when a meal is ordered through eMenu by customers.

Which languages does iEate support?

Today iEate can help restaurants to translate your menus into Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean from 11 languages.

How does iEate translate?

We have close cooperation with Shanghai International Studies University and East China Normal University, which are two top language universities in China. Each of our professional translators owns at least a language degree and the living experience in both countries.
The whole menu translation consists of 3 steps:
① Translation by professionals
② 2-step accuracy verification by "Alternative language-Target language"
③ Easy-to-understand checking

How do customers pay the restaurant?

iEate doesn't handle money. Customers pay the bill to you directly by your supported payment methods (eg. credit card, cash). Nothing changed.
If you are interested in mobile payment like Alipay and WeChat Pay, please tell us.

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